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We supply and install all types of intercom systems to domestic and commercial premises.

Including single and multiple occupancies and the lastest GSM remote access equipment.

Choice of Intercom systems :

There are four main types of intercom system on the market today. A brief description of how they differ from each other and their pros and cons: 

  • Hard wired systems can be either audio or both video and audio combined.They tend to more reliable than other systems naturally because they have a solid state connection. Cons: If there are difficulties in wiring back to the house for example long drives , patios etc.

  • GSM Intercom systems are really useful for overcoming hard-wiring issues as they are a stand alone unit wired directly into the gate control board and need no additional hardwiring to the property. The system works via a sim card connection and calls directly to a mobile phone or landline. This is especially useful if you are not at home or abroad but can still open your gates from your mobile. Cons: At present they mainly come in audio with one exception (wifi-gsm). Also they work from a sim card so every call via the intercom is the same as a call made via a mobile phone. This essentially means you will incur a minimum monthly charge of around £5 pounds to top up the sim. The other thing needed is a good mobile network connection.

  • WIFI Intercom systems again have the versatility of not having to be wired back to the house and work in much the same way as a gsm system with added connection facilities via laptop, mobile and computer etc. They also come in video and audio unlike the gsm being just audio. Cons: The main consideration is wifi connection speed and reliability . If there are issues with your wifi then this system can be problematic. Also if the wifi is down there is no signal to the intercom system. Although expensive there is one hybrid version available that has wifi and gsm combined so if the wifi is down the gsm powers the Intercom. 

  •  Radio wireless Intercoms especially good when no hard wiring  is available . These work from a handset similar to a home phone handset. You place them wherever there is mains power and the intercom calls to them directly. Cons: The only downside is they only come in audio.