Maintenance Contracts :

Electric gate maintenance is essential in order to ensure the safety features are functioning correctly and to prevent in-service failures that could cause major disruption.

Depending on the usage pattern, mode(s) of operation and business, electric powered gates should be serviced, maintained and repaired at least once every six months.

At Guardian Gates we offer three levels of standardised automatic gate maintenance.

 Gold – 4 yearly services recommended for up to Up to 45 cycles per day Every 3 Months 

Price £ 849 annually including 3 free call outs in addition to the services. 


Sliver – 3 yearly services recommended for up to 30 cycles per day Every 4 Months:

Price £ 649,   including 2 free call outs in addition to services. 

Bonze – 2 yearly site visit recommended for up to 15 cycles per day Every 6 Months

Price  £ 499    including 1 free call out in addition to services.

How often you should service your gate will depend on how many cycles the gates perform. This is the number of times the electric gate opens and closes. Generally speaking, low usage residential electric driveway gates should be serviced at least 1-2 times per year; medium usage automated car park gates for an apartment block should be serviced at least 3 times per year; and heavy usage commercial automatic gates require the most frequent amounts of servicing of at least 4 times per year.

In addition to offering electric gate repairs to our supplied products, Guardian Gates are equally happy to maintain gates designed, manufactured and installed by other gate contractor suppliers – subject to an initial gate inspection checklist.

Our preventative maintenance service includes inspection and lubrication of mechanical components, and inspection and testing of safety-related devices in line with current guidance from the HSE , GATESAFE approved and are 17th edition qualified electricians.

If you would like to discuss the repair, upgrade or maintenance of your existing Automatic Gate, please call Guardian Gates on 

Why have Automatic Gate Maintenance?

Regular maintenance not only ensures that your gates are safe and compliant with the latest legislation, but also reduces the chances of any potential issues that could have an impact on the day-to-day running of your business.

Our maintenance agreements are designed to keep disruptive downtime to a minimum as well as minimising health and safety risks and costs.

To comply with the UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Standards, gate manufacturers recommendations and to ensure that your motorised gate remains in good working condition, it is therefore vital that your automatic gates are regularly maintained.

Benefits of Electric Gate Maintenance:

  • Budgeted maintenance costs

  • Identification of problems and repair before failure occurs

  • Less costly downtime with an efficient system.

  • Documented maintenance

  • Health & Safety compliant – meets current legislative standards

  • Safety parts are regularly checked, reducing your risk of accidents thus ensuring health and safety regulation requirements for workplaces are fulfilled and maintained

  • The prolonged operating life of your system

  • Service by trained engineers

  • Fully stocked vehicle of all major brands of gate hardware. 

  • 365 days a year, 24 hours, 7 days a week

  • Fast, reliable and professional service

  • Remainders of when your gate service maintenance is due.


The checks we carry out by gate maintenance engineers

Depending on the type of gate, this could include the following:

  • Check overall system

  • Force testing

  • Check alignment of hinges

  • Check gate for any structural issues on frame

  • Inspect the gate whilst opening/closing

  • Full safety inspection checking photocells are aligned, safety edges are fully operating and the gate stops and returns on impact

  • Inspect for any oil leaks

  • Lubricate all mechanical parts

  • Lubricate hinges and pins

  • Check gate automation settings: speed, slow down upon opening and/or closing

  • Check manual release in case of power failure

  • Inspect earth cables and any other visible cable within and around the motor

  • Check access keys and key fobs

  • Check intercom systems

  • Inspect general overall condition of the gate


Types of gates we service and repair


All of our automated gate systems are designed and installed to the highest UK & European industry standards, and so too is our commitment to service maintenance and after sale care.

Our customers include:

“By signing up to a Guardian gates service  Contracts you can plan and organize your complete maintenance program for the upcoming year – all in one simple step. In addition to efficiently organising your automatic gate maintenance, it also reduces your total cost of ownership and allows you to become HSE compliant